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BDPA Atlanta’s STEM program is open to any student interested in advancing their technology skills (novice to master). 


The Student Information Technology Education and Scholarship (S.I.T.E.S) program introduce minority and under-represented middle school / high school students to the field of Information Technology through training classes and seminars.  In addition to technical training, participating students are able to acquire important business and life skills such as public speaking, creating presentations, goal setting, team building, and time management.


The S.I.T.E.S program encourages students to learn and participate in the Information Technology field. This program has grown extensively over the years and is the umbrella for several educational programs dedicated to developing students in the field of Information Technology.  These programs include:


  • HSCC – High School Computer Competition (Students compete Nationally for scholarship dollars)

  • YTC – Youth Technology Camp (Students participate in a technology enrichment program)

  • ACE – Advanced Computer Education

  • IT Showcase (Students present technology research to compete for scholarship dollars)

  • MAC - Mobile Application Competition (Students compete for scholarship dollars)


HSCC students learn how to develop web applications using CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and MySQL.

Our MAC students develop iOS or Android mobile applications using React Native.


The STEM program begins the last week of January and completes the week of the BDPA National Conference (where students compete for scholarships).  Students meet every Saturday and minimum weekdays, except holidays.  If you have students interested in participating please contact

To view the curriculum click here.

To register for our STEM Coding Program click here.

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